The amount of brand recognition enjoyed by a product or service. (Blend of brand and bandwidth.)
Example Citation:
"A few days after the resignation of its incumbent agency, computer maker Acer America has named two finalists in the race for its $ 20-25 million account. Hal Riney & Partners and Anderson & Lembke, both in San Francisco, will square off against each other with the winner decided this month, according to Tom Henry, director of marketing communications for San Jose, Calif.-based Acer. 'Both these agencies have enough brandwidth to build a compelling brand for our consumer-driven computer products,' Henry said."
— Joan Voight, "Acer Search Winnowed to Two Agencies ," AdWeek
Brandwidth is a blend of the words "brand" and "bandwidth". The latter is a wirehead term that is a measure of how much data can be stuffed through a transmission medium (or "pipe" in the vernacular) such as a phone line or a network cable.
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